Workout Randomizer

Multiple Locations

Configure each location where you exercise.  You can custom tailor the list of available equipment for each location.


Multiple Workouts per Location

Create multiple workouts tailored for each location.  Each workout will select a random set of exercises based on your configuration choices.

Target specific muscles

You can configure general muscle groups, or switch to advanced mode and target specific muscles

Images and Easy Instructions

Each exercise will display one or more images and easy instructions to get you started quickly

Multple Locations

Create and configure multiple locations!

Configure Equipment

Configure the equipment that is available at each location.


Create multiple workouts for each location.

Simple Configuration

Simple configuration available, just pick a name, how many exercises and which muscle group(s) to target.

Advanced Configuration

Or choose exactly what muscle(s) you want to workout via advanced configuration.


Now checkout the random selection of exercises that matched your configuration!

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