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Here are some common questions about Jackedalope.


How do I get started?

The app starts on the Location screen.  Here you can manage various locations where you workout.  Click the “New Workout” button to create a new location!

Location List

New Location

Location List

New Workout Expanded

What can I configure for a location?

For each location, you can give it a name, and configure what equipment is available to use.  Working out @ home and you only have an exercise band and a bench? No problem!  Going to the gym and they have everything? Great!  You can change these settings  anytime you want.

Workout Name

Workout Name

Equipment List

Equipment List

So, I've created a location, now what?

After you create your location, it’s time to create a workout!  Click the “New Workout” button to get started!

Workout List

New Workout

Workout List

New Workout Expanded

Now, you can decide what muscles you want to work on.  You can choose from a simplified configuration or a more advanced one.

Advanced Configuration

Choose advanced

Simple Configuration

Choose simple


How do I configure a simple workout?

Configuring a simple workout is easy. Give it a name, decide how many exercises you want to include, then pick one or more muscle groups!

Name the workout

Enter a name

Total Number of Exercises

Enter number of exercises

Muscle Groups

Pick muscle groups

What is an advanced workout?

Advanced workout configurations are only slightly different than simple ones.  You still get to pick a name.  Instead of selecting the total number of exercises you want, you instead select how many exercises should target each muscle you select to target.  Then finally, pick the muscle or muscles you want to work on!

Workout Name

Name your workout

Exercises per muscle

Determine number of exercises per muscle

Select Muscles

Select the muscles to workout


So I have a workout created, now what?

Touch your workout!  You now have a view of all the exercises selected for this workout.



Swipe left and right to switch between the exercises.  Each exercise should have one or more images to help you visualize the exercise.  In addition there is a description (right, top box), step by step instructions (center, right box), and some helpful tips (bottom, right box)

Some quick info is provided below the images, showing you what muscles are being targeted, and what equipment is used.


The exercise images are too small, how am I supposed to use them?

Simple!  Touch the image, and it will expand to fill your screen!

Exercise Image

Exercise Image

The description is cut off!

Just touch the box and the description will expand to fill the screen.  If there is more text than will fit, you can swipe up and down to scroll through it!

Exercise Description

Exercise Description

The steps are cut off!

Just like the description, touching the steps box will expand it to fill your screen.  And then you can scroll it up and down if it still doesn’t fit!

Exercise Steps

Exercise Steps



Images are sourced from http://db.everkinetic.com, licensed under Creative Commons (BA-SA)


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